​If you were planning to come to Positano any time soon, you might as well leave the bugle at home.

Rare tapestry depicting the moment when Columbus awed the indigenous people of Hispaniola with his interpretation of a rabbit shadow puppet.

If you truly love your dog you know what's the totally "in" thing right now? Breast implants for dogs.  Oh, and don't forget the popcorn.

​Well, not so much now.

​Can't we just go ahead and make this federal law now?

Frank Beer: when you want a candid booze that gets right to the point​.



Do you really want a sushi chef preparing your muskrat? And I don't even want to know what they reconsidered and erased.

​Elderly people and ducks, welcome to Mildenhall. The rest of you? Get the Hell out.

​A great gift idea for the priest that has everything . . . and a drinking problem.

The wizarding world mourns the passing of the boy, so ironically referred to as, the boy who lived. A small ceremony was, apparently held at some point in Macon, GA. RIP, Harry.

Well, not s0 much now.

​An entire slave toiled and died in the building of this great monument to

Mary Hight.

French fry pizza in Italy. Shame on you, America. Allowing yourself to be out-gluttoned.

​Go big,

or go to Hell.

And if you rent a car, you get the whole keg.

​Vote For Pedro

Ah, that's nice. Now you can still take Fido jogging with you. On the downside, your refreshment is always going to smell like wet dog.

Sound advice