Hello Love,

  This travel blog is not a traditional travel blog. Yes, I travel to lots of places and have had some amazing experiences. For me however, travel is a metaphor for a way of life more so than a vacation destination. Travel means living a life free of self imposed limitations. 

  I love writing about all of the ways I was able to create such a life, the remarkable and interesting people I meet, the foods that have brought me joy, and the things I have learned along the way.

  After raising four kids and getting divorced my nest was suddenly empty. So why not share my wonderful world, my new nest, with you. I have entertained and been entertained by family and friends who express their

view that I am living Heaven on Earth. I believe it as well.

​  A great fortune was bestowed upon me when I

elected to sell my house and nearly everything

in it enabling me to move about and explore all

that this globe so richly offers. I live in expectancy 

with a wide open mind.

  Not everyone is like me I get that.  I thrive in

uncertainty and lots of change. I don’t have it all figured out .What I do have is a desire to live authentically and simply.

  It is my intention that you will always feel welcomed here on my pages.    Cheers!