I'm thinking about clutter in comparison to four years ago when I sold it all.  As I said, I am based in Miami in order to get the great flights. I was Amazon shopping yesterday for some essential oils once I filled my cart the total was 95$ for 10 products.  Which made me think do I need 10 things that I will eventually throw away when I move from here or I can buy one product which does the same things and it's portable. It's a rhetorical question. 

August 19, 2019  

I travel 80% of the year.I help women as a self care therapist, and I write booklets to help them through whatever their particular transition may be at the time. In my case, I went through a divorce after 25 years where I found myself happy but lost, free but scared, redefining and recalibrating the way I related to everyone I know. I asked questions such as, "Who am I without the husband and the kiddos, what do I want my life to reflect now, I have all of this time, where do I want to go?" Road trips and transition had been the earmark of my life from an early age, I knew I loved the solitude of the road so I took off. I sold everything taking with me a backpack and a small carry on.  This website/blog are the stories of that transition.  We are not merely defined by what we do or where we go, the question always remains, do I want this and is it good for me?



Which I wasn't before but am now.

​Have you experienced the privilege of eating these delicious art pieces called a croissant? I'm not talking about the kind the Pillsbury tries to convince you is a real croissant just because you roll up a lard, artificially flavored piece of "dough" that looks like a croissant, does not make it a croissant. I'm talking about the melt in your mouth, fresh baked this morning ones baked by real pastry chefs.  The sky is almost the limit on your choices, ham & gruyere, turkey & swiss, marscapone, red velvet, chocolate and so on; my favorites hands down are the ones filled to bursting with almond paste.

We watch with envy those movies where a woman is sitting in Paris outside of a bakery, in cafe chairs with strong coffee overlooking the Seine, and drool over the delightful pastries she consumes whilst maintaining a zero sized waistline.  "if only.." we think.

What if I told you that you can experience some of this same delightfulness by visiting S. Miami, FL?  There are two places I frequent, one is a bakery in Palmetto Bay where a guy went to Paris, experienced the croissant, then returned to America to open his own french bakery; the almond paste is thick, the croissant dense and wonderful; you can deliciously pair it with french strong coffee.  They come is small and huge! The other is by a world famous pastry chef in Coral Gable; these are baked with a yeast dough that rises every so delicately and melts in your mouth, filled with the almond paste.  The balance is perfect, just enough paste and just enough pastry.  After you visit these two places you will never have to wonder what it's like in Paris, sans the Seine. Bon Jour!