​My Dearest Lecco​

   Let me begin by saying I find you beautiful and quite mesmerizing. Aside from your natural, physical beauty, you abound in a wealth of fine dining, delightful dealers of cappuccino, and surprising shopping for a town as peaceful and picturesque as you.
However, I must be honest. There is a crucial problem between us. Your insane beauty has been allowed marred by some of the most hideous, out of place eyesores. Why, in the name of all in life that is good and proper, did you permit the erecting of these ugly concrete blemishes along your magnificent waterfront? It's like someone painting a mural of a large mouth bass jumping out of a lake with a hook in its mouth over the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Or someone painting a Stallone over a mural of a large mouth bass jumping out of a lake with a hook in its mouth. Or perhaps someone putting Cleveland in front of Lake Erie.

 You possess all the attributes that other cities can only dream about. Stunning vistas along a crystalline lake filled with colorful boats and lined with lakeside beaches. Mountains in which one can hike, climb, and ski - for those who like to participate in such activities - or simply enjoy their beauty whilst lounging about for those who don't. You contain magnificent architecture, amidst this overflow of natural aesthetic wealth. All this while remaining tranquil and crowd free.
 You're so close to perfection, Lecco. That's why this hurts so badly. But fortunately the damage is not irreparable. Firstly, the owners and architects need to be rounded up and burned at the stake to assure that this sort of travesty never occur again. Then, ideally, the buildings pulverized and the molecules that existed within them buried in a pit of lye in an attempt to appease the gods of good architectural taste.
 I don't know if the goal was to create some sort of city skyline, but they are doing amazing things with glass these days. At the very least the buildings require painting in colors that fit the picturesque, alpine village motif which they are blocking everyone's view of. Or perhaps painting them to match the mountains behind them and make them invisible. But something must be done.
Whose idea was it to hire architects from the mid 20th century American midwest anyway? I am going to give you the benefit of doubt and believe you got drunk one decade and woke up with "ugly building regret," not even sure how they got there. The good thing is they are easier and less costly to remove than a poorly thought out tattoo.
 So my dearest Lecco, I still find you amazing. Your brilliant location along the famed beauty of the surprisingly not overrated Lake Como and 360 degree unbelievable mountain view makes for a charming alpine village as beautiful as any in Italy. Perhaps just a few small changes could enhance rather than hide these atrocities. Maybe you could cover them up with a mural of a large mouth bass jumping out of a lake with a hook in its mouth.