​Obsessed With Loneliness

 I just watched this guy, @addictivesketcher, who, armed with a nice, quality pen, wanders the streets of London capturing life on paper everywhere he goes. He spoke about obsession. "What is your obsession? You have to be obsessed about your work."

 My response - 

 One: I am obsessed, completely and totally, with writing my life's observations. It's what I do. I can't help myself.

 And two: I write letters and cards to people because no one should feel alone or unloved. This is who I am. It's who I have always been, as far back as I can remember. I have written letters to people whether they like me or not. I could see their pain even through their meanness and self destructive behavior.

 The Beetles sang about "all the lonely people, where do they all come from, . . . where do they all belong." 

 Who feels alone? Unloved? Look around you. Look into the eyes of people you meet every day. I see it in stay at home moms. I see it in people surrounded by others at a job every day. I saw it in the members of the biker group the Bandidos when I lived in Texas. In particular I remember a big, tough guy named John with a giant scar that ran the length of his arm. "I cut myself shaving," he would say. He allowed me to see his vulnerability and I saw his humanity. 

 I see loneliness in those who are sick. I see it in shut ins, whether temporary or long term; those in assisted living; parents whose children have grown and left to pursue their own lives. Single mom boss babes working it every day and people who appear outwardly to have it all together.

 I have a friend who is a therapist here in Miami. He works with multi-millionaires who have no money because they spend it all to try to fill that void in their lives with stuff. He works with religious leaders who have sexual addictions. People suffering every trauma you can imagine and those who have been abused. He has seen it all and at the core of every one is loneliness. We are all potential victims, but ironically, each of us is the cure for it as well. Why did God create us? Because He was lonely. He wanted someone to connect with. Many experts will argue that point, but I believe we can take it literally. God simply wanted someone to talk to. 

 My heart breaks for all the loneliness. I share in it. I go in and out of it. I exist to help others know they are not alone and unloved. My vehicle for that is cards, notes, and letters that I am certain give some relief, even if it's only for a moment in their journeys. How about you? Can you relate?