The Only Travel Blog You Will Ever Need

 There is really only one travel advice blog entry that you ever need to listen to - and it isn't this one. It exists solely within your own mind and it tells you what to do and where to go constantly, regardless of how many times it gets ignored. It is a fairly short and straightforward read:

I wonder what's over there.

 That's basically it. The wording may vary slightly from person to person, but the message is always the same. When you were a child the message was louder and heeded with much greater frequency and less argument. I don't believe the message gets any less verbal as you age; it merely becomes less heard. It has been relegated to little more than white noise as we manage to ignore it and pretend it isn't there.

 But wonder and curiosity don't go away. We simply drown them out with these other voices we have convinced ourselves belong to us. This voice isn't yours. It never was. This voice is a learned voice we have been taught. It is the voice of fear. Fear that has been passed down for millennia by people who think they are protecting you and have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, they were once convinced this voice was theirs as well by someone else.

 Fear hates wonder and awe. Fear tells you there is nothing over there that is worth the potential dangers you may face by looking. Fear hates you. Fear has been telling you for your entire life that you aren't good enough. That you aren't worth enough. Fear is a parasite we transfer from one to another. But fortunately there is a cure.

 Wonder, curiosity, and exploration are the antiparasitic cures for fear. So familiarize yourself with you again. Listen to you when your imagination begins to dream of more to life. Wondering what's over there is the healthiest thing you can do for you.